Window Cleaning Services
Professional window cleaning by Contact Window Cleaning guarantees a streak-free shine with a 10 day warranty. Our window cleaning service includes cleaning frames, tracks as well as cleaning the screens on the windows. We operate year round window cleaning services and we are always ready to take care of new customers.


We suggest our customers have the exterior windows cleaned twice a year and interior windows be cleaned once a year. However we do offer cleaning services for those who prefer a more frequent routine.

Our 100% Guarantee

Our cleaning methods are guaranteed to remove any and all sediments stuck to the glass. We also extend a 10 day warranty on all our work so you have peace of mind knowing we stand behind our work. For any reason you have a question or concern please call our customer service team and we will resolve any issue immediately with the best customer service. We hold the payment until you authorize the quality.

Pressure Washing Services
We can power wash more than your driveway and sidewalk, let us include your outdoor living area, stonework and around your pool as well. Using the proper settings and equipment we can wash out sediments that have accumulated since the last cleaning. Call us today to receive your free estimate 1 (800) 514-5033


The longer sediments sit the more difficult it is to maintain clean grounds. We recommend having your driveway, walkways, stone and out door living cleaned each season of the year. We offer discounts to our repeat customers that make this option affordable for everyone’s home. Call us and mention this offer and receive an immediate 10% off your first time cleaning and experience our attention to detail.

Pressure Washing Service

Pressure washing outdoor hard surface areas can bring out a fresh surface you wouldn’t believe possible. If considering the affordable cost to having your outdoor area pressure washed it would be a decision well worth making. The quality service we provide is assured with professional certifications make a Contact Window Cleaning member the right choice for pressure washing your outdoor areas.

We can pressure wash these areas and more:
Outdoor living area, Driveway, Walkways, Patio, Entrance, Siding, Stone, Brick

Gutter Cleaning Services
Clearing gutters and downspouts of debris is a service we provide with quality results. Debris building up in gutters can clog gutter systems which will eventually lead to costly repairs. Contact Window Cleaning can schedule your free gutter cleaning estimate today as well as answer any questions you may have. let us help maintain your gutters with quality results. Learn more >>>

Screen Cleaning Services

Cleaning screens is a great way to reduce old dust mites, dirt, and pollen from entering your home when you open your windows. We recommend cleaning screens in the spring and fall to keep their integrity. The process we use to clean screens involves the actual washing of the screens frame and screening with a bristle brush or a microfiber strip washer. After cleaning both sides thoroughly we remove access soap water from the screen then wipe the screen dry for a fresh clean screen.
Detail Cleaning Services

– Chandelier cleaning
– Coach lamp cleaning
– Fan cleaning
– Wipe down tall ledges